From: The Forest Vance Training, Inc. personal training studio, Sacramento, CA

Dear prospective personal training and/or boot camp client –

Are you frustrated by your inability to lose weight – or keep it off after losing it?

Are you confused by all the contradictory information out there about weight loss and fitness?

Are you just looking for realistic, honest answers – the TRUTH about how to finally get the results you want?

If you’re anything like I was about seven years ago, you’re probably having a hard time just figuring out where to start.

I’m Forest Vance, owner and head trainer at Forest Vance Training, Inc., a Sacramento, CA – based personal training and fitness boot camp company.

And I’m writing this to you today because I want you to know that there is a simple solution for all your weight loss frustration!

But more on that later.

See, not too long ago, I was just like you.  Though I had been active my entire life and had maintained a reasonably healthy weight, a sudden reduction in activity – paired with the less-than-perfect eating habits I had developed over the years – had resulted in a huge weight gain.

The thing was, I had lifted heavy and worked out very hard for years – but in reality, had no clue how to train (and eat) to lose fat, feel great and just be healthy.

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So, from that day forward, I dedicated myself to getting into top shape.  I read and learned all I could about eating right.  I learned how to train for the leaned and toned physique I wanted.  And I was dialed for the next five months until I hit my goal.

I ended up losing about 70 pounds.  More importantly, I now had the simple ‘formula’ for permanent weight loss in my brain – and could help others do the same!

Since then, I’ve earned four nationally accredited personal training certifications, a Master’s Degree in Human Movement, and amassed over 10,000 personal training sessions of experience.  I’ve dedicated my days to sharing my knowledge of health and fitness and helping folks just like you get a new lease on life!!

Now introducing … Personal Training, Fitness Boot Camps and Kettlebell Instruction from Forest Vance Training, Inc.

This video gives you an inside look at our Sacramento Personal Training services:

Here’s a video that explains one of our monthly ‘Challenge Workouts’:

And here’s some footage from a recent kettlebell workshop (kettlebell training is another big part of the workouts at our training facility):

In addition to your boot camp and/or personal training sessions, here’s what you’ll get with each and every one of our programs:

  • A complete guide for your personal workouts outside of your training sessions – you’ll know exactly what you need to do for your own weight training sessions, cardio workouts, flexibility and core work, etc.
  • Diet guidelines and an incredibly easy-to-follow and effective meal plan – you’ll know exactly what you need to eat to reach your goals
  • Monthly fitness evaluation including weight tracking and body fat testing\

Now, all you have to do to learn more is contact me to schedule your complimentary trial session.  We’ll go over your goals in detail, see where your current fitness level is at, take you through a few sample exercises, and figure out which program is best for you.  Click the link below and fill out the contact form to sign up today:

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Check out the results Melanie got from our program (she lost 68 pounds in 5 and a half months!):

“From late September 2008 to the middle of February 2009 I lost 68 pounds. I have had over 15 people not know it was me they were talking to recently. I think that says a lot. This has been the best thing for my health and happiness.  I decided to stop the excuses and start caring. Let today be the day you care enough. Just do it!”

-Melanie A, Roseville, CA

And see what Kristin, another long-time client of ours, has to say:

“At the beginning of 2009 I injured my shoulder at work. After a year off work, two surgeries, and countless hours of Physical Therapy I returned to work. At that time I decided it would be in the best interest of my mind, body, and spirit to maintain some level of physical fitness in an attempt to avoid future injury/re-injury. So I went to my local gym, Anytime Fitness expecting to continue the exercises PT recommended for me.  What I got was so much more…Forest Vance!! In March of 2010 I started group and 1 on 1 training with Forest. Six months later I feel better and stronger than I have ever felt, and ever dreamed was possible. The transformation my body has undergone is amazing.  People regularly ask me about shoulder injury and how devastating the experience must have been for my career, my body, and overall mental health. Six months ago I would have 100% agreed, not being able to see much of a silver lining. Now the way I look at it, is that if I hadn’t hurt myself, it is very likely I would not have gone to Anytime Fitness and met Forest. One of the worst times in my life brought me to the happiest, healthiest, and strongest I have ever been!! Thanks Forest!!”

-Kristin G, East Sacramento, CA

I’ve decided to remove program prices from the website, and here’s why:

Everyone has very different fitness goals.  Maybe all you need is a few sessions of training to fine-tune your current program.  Maybe you’re looking for more guidance and accountability and need a few months of several times per week of one-on-one and/or group training sessions.  The bottom line is that there’s no real way to know what your total investment will be until we can sit down in person, go over your fitness goals in detail, see where your fitness level is at and figure out the program that’s right for you.

Again, if you’re interested in learning more, simply click the link below to schedule your completely free trial session today:

Contact Forest Vance Training, Inc. for your FREE trial session

Talk Soon,

Forest Vance, Owner and Head Trainer at Forest Vance Training, Inc., Master of Science in Human Movement, NASM/ACSM certified personal trainer, and Russian Kettlebell Challenge Certified Instructor